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What is Boss Network?

Boss Network is an innovative networking organization designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders seeking to grow their businesses. Founded on the belief that entrepreneurs and business owners need a supportive community to thrive, we provide a platform for its members to connect, learn, and grow. We serve as a resource for both upcoming and established entrepreneurs, providing a wide range of services and opportunities to help them succeed through our networking events, resources, mentorship programs, and online community.

Why Boss Network?

Networking is a way to connect with potential customers, partners, and investors, and to expand your reach and influence in the industry. With the rapid advancement of technology and the rise of social media platforms, networking has become more accessible and convenient than ever. Boss Network is the solution for your business networking capabilities. With over 400 registered businesses, the Boss Network provides its members with a vast pool of potential customers, partners, and collaborators to help businesses grow and thrive.

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Who are we?

We are a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. We understand the importance of networking and building meaningful connections. We believe that by collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience, we can all grow and achieve greater success.
At the heart of our community is Payal Jain, an experienced business leader who has a passion for helping others succeed. Payal founded the Boss Network with the vision of creating a space where entrepreneurs and professionals could come together to connect, learn, and thrive.


The Inspiring Story
of Our Founder


During my childhood and teenage years, I felt unsure about the purpose of my life and constantly searched for my calling. However, motherhood changed everything for me as I realized the importance of reading to my child at bedtime, which inspired me to start Wishalicious Books. This venture became very successful with the support of my family and friends. As a mother, I also became aware of the struggles that women face, particularly when they become new mothers and must balance their responsibilities with their own identities. This experience taught me the values of being a better person, sharing my love, and being a better provider.

Society often sets a timeline for achievements, but it took me some time to find my passion, which was ultimately worth the wait. The platform created by Wishalicious Books and my subsequent venture, Boss Network, has allowed entrepreneurs to appreciate themselves and grow infinitely while breaking stereotypes around religion, community, and women. Today, Boss Network is a top choice for startups and established businesses looking to prosper and receive support.

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