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Intro- The Gloo

We as a team look forward to understanding the uniqueness of each client, unearth their new horizons and help them become their best version. We believe that it is our prime job to serve our client with the best suited content, technology & media, planning and management. With a brew of ideas, concepts and strategies which are raw and visionary, the agency aims to encase the client both with what they need and what they want, hence helping them accomplish their digital ambitions

With a purpose to bring tangible results that align with your business goals, we offer a range of innovative digital marketing, performance marketing and website development services.


””””💡””””””””💭”””” Been busy thinking your brand needs a social media account for biz, but aren’t sure where to start? ⠀

Ahem ‑‑ we’re right here. The answer is yes, definitely yes, your brand needs a social media business account with constant content and opportunities for connection. Think about how many people use social media daily

What happens when someone is thinking about connecting with your business, they type your brand name into Instagram to gather a better idea of the company values and … nothing. Crickets. Latest post‑October 2020? We have a problem ‑A lost client. ⠀

We don’t want you to miss out on the potential you deserve. Here’s how we can get your biz up and ‘gramming in no time. ⠀

””””🔵”””” We onboard rather quickly, but need some prep time. We’re talking deep diving into your brand, industry, and potential. ⠀

””””🟠”””” We create unique, targeted, and authentic content every week. Our main focus is on educating your clientele. ⠀

””””🟡”””” Most of all, we have fun with it. Social accounts are meant to be playful and honor the authenticity of your brand. ⠀

””””🔴”””” We gather analytics, see what’s working, what needs improvement, and how to move forward. ⠀

Now you could do this yourself, but experts are experts for a reason. We’d love to give you a hand. ””””🤝””””


With growing digital era it’s immensely important to take your business online. It’s the perfect time to take your business online if you haven’t yet. ””””👀””””

And if you have a website then we are sure you know that it’s no secret that your website affects your brand image. Imagine serving Chicken tandoori but using a picture of Karela ki sabzi. That’s definitely gonna affect your reach and conversions. ””””🙅””””

Therefore you must choose your website maker and mobile app developer wisely. ””””💭””””

The Gloo‑ ers are here to help you create an innovative and creative website. We will show the real you through your websites and apps. ””””🙌””””

We take care of :

””””🔴””””UI/UX Design
””””🔵””””Website Design & Development
””””🟡””””E‑Commerce Development
””””🟢””””Mobile App Development


SEO is all about building quality and trust. ””””💯””””

Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to work that makes sure more people find your website in Google and other major search engines. ””””🔍””””

In simple terms, your web pages have the potential to rank in Google if your content is relevant to a search query and your site is considered trustworthy. ””””🎗””””

It’s always about you and your business and what’s working for your business. What works for others doesn’t mean it’ll work for you as well. ””””📉””””

We are THE experts in :

””””🔴””””SEO Audit & Strategy
””””🔵””””SEO Management
””””🟡””””SEO Content Writing
””””🟢””””Online PR

Are you ready to up your SEO game? ””””🔝””””


Other than SEO, paid advertising and the like , Performance Marketing is on the rise because of the way it impacts the way businesses publicize and advertise. ””””💭””””

Performance Marketing simply means marketing based on performance. ””””💯””””

Here’s what we offer :

””””🔴”””” Lead Generation
””””🔵””””Programmatic & Pay per click ads
””””🟡”””” E‑commerce performance campaigns
””””🟢”””” app installs campaigns

If you wanna be sure and confident that your marketing budget is spent only on successful campaigns and gives astonishing outcomes then you should most definitely go with the GLOO. ””””🚀””””


It all starts from the first look, the first click or the first impression. We help our clients to create a strategic & effective presence considering your objectives, TG & budgets and make sure we keep our promise of results in everything that we do.

We specialize in:

””””🔴””””Logo Design & Brand Identity
””””🔵””””Campaign Designing
””””🟡””””UI/UX & Concept designing
””””🟢””””Digital Production (Image/Audio/VideoText)

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