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Healthy boundaries

In order to establish effective personal boundaries, you have to know yourself, communicate your boundaries to others, and follow through with the consequences. Boundaries are for you and about you. They are about respecting your needs in your relationship. When you are uncomfortable about something in your relationship, but don’t speak up and share it with your partner, resentment can build.

Often, we consider boundaries to be something that pushes people away, or we’re afraid that the other person will react negatively or feel hurt. However, healthy boundaries in relationships are a prerequisite to happiness. They define us and what is essential in our lives. Without them, there is too much room for drama. Boundaries help to create a drama-free relationship.

It’s true, creating healthy boundaries in relationships can be one of the most challenging skills to acquire. However, without them, individuals often struggle to feel respected and honored in a relationship. And more often than not, disagreements turn into fights, creating faults that blow up the unity possible through understanding.

When you don’t set boundaries on what you will say yes and no to, you can easily take on more responsibilities than you are comfortable with just to please others. This is called rejection sensitivity and can add stress as you try to navigate a lifestyle that is too busy for your comfort level.

If you don’t respect your own limits, others may not respect them either. Not setting boundaries or limitations on your time can also make it harder for others to tell when they’ve asked you to do too much.
Setting healthy boundaries helps you maintain the right balance in your schedule and in your life. It gives you permission to say no and better protect your time.

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